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Plaice fillet in Parmesan Breadcrumbs by Michael

Plaice Recipe final picture, plaice fillet in breadcrumbs with lemon
This delicious and simple plaice recipe highlights the beautiful flavour of plaice combined with the richness of the parmesan and can be made for special occasions or just a simple midweek dinner. Enjoy!

Ingredients for this Plaice Recipe:

Fresh Plaice Fillets (1 per person eating) (Buy them here)
Goldenfry Batter Mix (Buy it here)
Fresh White Breadcrumbs
Parmesan (fresh is best, but a shaker will work just as well)

The Method – This recipe is quick, so have your ingredients ready to go!

Step 1 – The Mix:
First start by mixing your bread crumbs and parmesan at a ratio of 2 parts bread crumbs and one part parmesan.

Step 2 – The Fish:

Next take your skinless fillet of plaice and dust it in Goldenfry batter mix (you can just use flour if you prefer, but it won’t be as light). At this point you’ll want to egg wash the fish. Make sure it’s well covered and then dip it in the breadcrumb and parmesan mix.

Step 3 – The Heat:

Heat a pan and then add a small amount of oil preferably something like rapeseed oil or vegetable oil is best as they have a high burn point.

Fry on medium heat until it loosens from the pan then add a small amount of butter and turn over and fry until golden.

Serve with lemon and baby potatoes and enjoy!

This weeks recipe credit: Thank you to Michael at The Fish Plaice

Prefer to work with whole fish? (Buy them here)

Enjoy this delicious Plaice Recipe after a trip to your favourite fishmonger’s… The Fish Plaice of course!

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