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Grilled White Wine Langoustines with Breadcrumbs by Michael

This fresh and vibrant langoustine recipe is the perfect summer treat. Cooked in decadent white wine and finished with fresh, crispy breadcrumbs this is sure to impress!

Ingredients for this Langoustines Recipe:

1kg langoustines (Buy them here)
125-150g butter ( garlic or black pepper)
300g breadcrumbs ( preferably home made and tiger bread seams to work the beast)
2-3 unwaxed lemons 🍋
Fresh parsley 🌿
One Bottle White Wine

The Method – This recipe is quick, so have your ingredients ready to go!

Step 1 – The Langoustines:
Pour around 2 centimetre of wine into a wide sauce pan or pot. Get it boiling place the langoustines into it gently making sure to submerge them in the wine. If they are to big it is possible to gently flip them half way through cooking. Cook them if they are small for around 2-3 mins if they are big could be as long as 5 mins possibly slightly longer.

After this let them cool on a chopping block or plate not in the pan they will overcook if you go this.
One’s cool chop in two length ways removing the vain on the back and the air bladder in the body ( small clear ball of cartilage).

Step 2 – The Grill:

For the next bit of the receipt you’ll need 125g of either a garlic butter or a cracked black pepper butter I personally prefer the pepper but each to their own.

(To make the cracked black pepper butter simply soften the butter then add freshly milled pepper to it to your taste I go with a teaspoon for the recipe. )

Zest your lemons retaining them afterwards.

Switch on your grill and then Place the langoustines flesh side up in a baking try (you might need to backing try’s depending on the size of the grill) cover generously with the butter then bread crumbs then drizzle with olive oil.

Step 3 – The Breadcrumbs:

Cut your lemons in half and place them amongst the langoustines. Scatter the zest over the dish retaining around 1/3 of the zest for garnish later.
Grill until the breadcrumbs are golden and crispy. Garnish with the remaining zest and a handful of chopped parsley. 👍

This weeks recipe credit: Thank you to Michael at The Fish Plaice

Enjoy this simple but stunning Langoustines Recipe after a trip to your favourite fishmonger’s… The Fish Plaice of course!

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