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How Do I Keep Fish Fresh?

Is there anything better than buying the freshest fish and eating it the same day? Or barbecuing fresh fish just after it’s been caught? In an ideal world this is how we would eat fish all the time. Realistically though sometimes we can’t eat it right away.

How can you keep your fish as fresh as possible so you can enjoy it later? 

1. Wash and Dry

Wash your fresh fish with water and dry thoroughly. Any bacteria that it may have come into contact with on the way home will then be removed. 

2. Use A Glass, Airtight container

Glass containers are best for storing fresh fish. Having an airtight container stops unwanted smells escaping into your fridge. To avoid cross contamination, it’s best to keep raw fish on the bottom shelf of the fridge. For more tips on how to avoid cross contamination click here 

3. Keep Your Fish Cool

Fresh fish needs to be kept cool. Seafood health facts recommend around 4 degrees Celsius. You can also store fresh fish in the fridge by surrounding it with ice. If you don’t plan on eating your fish soon it is best to freeze it.

4. Be Careful When You Handle Your Fish 

Make you are careful when handling fish. Take special care to make sure it is not exposed to warm air, other food or meat and make sure you treat it delicately.

With so much food going to waste it’s important to eat the food we buy. Keeping your fish as fresh as possible helps to make keep your fish tasting as good as it can. All food is precious; making sure we don’t waste food shows respect for our planet. 

By following these simple tips, you can keep your fish fresher for longer and help to protect food waste. 

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