Why You Should Try Sardines


For seafood lovers out there, there’s a tiny fish packed with flavour and brimming with health benefits: the sardine! This humble catch might be small, but it deserves a starring role in your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a protein boost, a heart-healthy option, or simply a delicious new taste sensation, sardines are a fantastic […]

Why You Should Try Tilapia

why you should try tilapia 2

Fancy trying a new fish that’s easy on the wallet and palate? Get to know the tilapia, a mild-flavoured, versatile white fish that you might grow to love when you try it. Whether you’re a seasoned seafood enthusiast or a curious culinary explorer, let’s get to know this fish that isn’t native to the UK […]

Why You Should Try Clams


When it comes to seafood, clams often take a backseat to more popular crustaceans like shrimp or lobster. However, these humble mollusks offer a unique taste experience that’s worth exploring. From their distinct flavors to their diverse culinary applications, here’s why you should consider adding clams to your gastronomic repertoire. What is a Clam? Clams […]

Why You Should Try Scallops

fresh scallop

The milky white medallion is as unassuming as it can be exquisite. No bones, no scales, and they come in almost perfect bite-size pieces. But they offer unique sweet, briny and succulent protein that has found its way from fancy restaurants to humble home kitchens. Let’s talk about this unique shellfish and why you should […]

Why You Should Try Haddock

whole fresh haddock

Haddock is best known as a top choice for classic beer-battered fish and chips. But this delectable and versatile fish can offer so much more in terms of exciting new cuisine and dishes. In this article, let’s get to know the haddock a little better, its taste, nutritional value, sustainability, and most importantly, some delectable […]

Why You Should Try Trout

Trout, a lesser-known relative of the very popular salmon, is often overlooked in favor of more mainstream fish varieties. But with its own unique flavor and nutritional benefits, it is quite an undiscovered gem of the seafood culinary world. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of trout and explore why you should consider adding this […]

Why You Should Try Hake

Not a lot of seafood can beat white fish in versatility, mildness of flavour and ease of preparation. But aside from the top-selling cod and haddock, have you spent some time getting to know the other white fish in the market?  Hake is one of these well-kept secrets of the white fish family. Let’s get […]

Why You Should Try (All The) Prawns

Tiger Prawns

Prawn or shrimp? Tiger or King? With so many different types of this shellfish available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. From tiger prawns to king prawns, Argentinian red prawns to coldwater prawns, each variety offers its own unique taste and texture. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between these […]

Why You Should Try Monkfish

Monkfish Fillets Monkfish Recipe Fish Plaice

They are intimidating to look at and you might be wondering how to prepare this fish if you buy them whole. But the monkfish is one exotic-looking seafood that deserves a try. The flavour and versatility will surprise you. And you might just find yourself ordering a few fillets every so often for grilling, curries […]

Why You Should Try Sea Bass

Sea Bass on a bed of ice

Sea bass became known in UK cuisine in the 1990s, thanks to promotion by TV celebrity chefs and grocers. Yet today it is a very minor player in terms of total seafood we consume.  Let’s get to know the sea bass and find out why this may be the next great addition to your menu. […]

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