Why You Should Try Trout

Trout, a lesser-known relative of the very popular salmon, is often overlooked in favor of more mainstream fish varieties. But with its own unique flavor and nutritional benefits, it is quite an undiscovered gem of the seafood culinary world. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of trout and explore why you should consider adding this […]

Why You Should Try Hake

Not a lot of seafood can beat white fish in versatility, mildness of flavour and ease of preparation. But aside from the top-selling cod and haddock, have you spent some time getting to know the other white fish in the market?  Hake is one of these well-kept secrets of the white fish family. Let’s get […]

Why You Should Try (All The) Prawns

Tiger Prawns

Prawn or shrimp? Tiger or King? With so many different types of this shellfish available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. From tiger prawns to king prawns, Argentinian red prawns to coldwater prawns, each variety offers its own unique taste and texture. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between these […]

Why You Should Try Monkfish

Monkfish Fillets Monkfish Recipe Fish Plaice

They are intimidating to look at and you might be wondering how to prepare this fish if you buy them whole. But the monkfish is one exotic-looking seafood that deserves a try. The flavour and versatility will surprise you. And you might just find yourself ordering a few fillets every so often for grilling, curries […]

Why You Should Try Sea Bass

Sea Bass on a bed of ice

Sea bass became known in UK cuisine in the 1990s, thanks to promotion by TV celebrity chefs and grocers. Yet today it is a very minor player in terms of total seafood we consume.  Let’s get to know the sea bass and find out why this may be the next great addition to your menu. […]

Why You Should Try Sea Bream

Fresh Whole Sea Bream Why you should try sea bream

Cod and haddock are among the most popular fish in the UK. Fish and chips shops use a lot of these white fish because of their mild flavor and delicate to medium texture. Compared to these popular fish, we consume a lot less sea bream but maybe it’s about time to give the spotlight to […]

Why Fresh Fish Delivery in the UK Matters

Buy Fresh Fish and Seafood Online

Fish is an important part of most people’s diets, whether it’s served as the main course or as a delicious garnish to the main meal. However, buying fresh fish can be difficult and confusing because there are so many different types of fish available that have their own distinct qualities and benefits. In order to […]

Will Eating Fresh Fish Benefit My Health?

Fish Shop Display

Many people are curious about the benefits of eating fresh fish. Many people don’t realize that by eating it, they can benefit their health. Fish contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids which help reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. Fish also contains vitamin D, which helps to improve bone density. Eating fresh fish can boost […]

How Do I Keep Fish Fresh?

How Do I Keep Fish Fresh?

Is there anything better than buying the freshest fish and eating it the same day? Or barbecuing fresh fish just after it’s been caught? In an ideal world this is how we would eat fish all the time. Realistically though sometimes we can’t eat it right away. How can you keep your fish as fresh […]

How to Clean and Fillet Fresh Fish

How to Clean and Fillet Fish

There’s nothing better than enjoying the freshest of fish, which has just been caught or bought from your local fishmonger. How can you tell if your fish is fresh? Our article here gives you a handy guide. Have you ever been intimidated when you get the whole fish back home and are unsure how to […]

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