A little bit about the people who make it work at The Fish Plaice.

The Fish Plaice has been in Glasgow Cross for 49 years. We are located under the railway bridge on St Andrews Street. We also have a premises in Byres Road. The Fish Plaice has been through many changes and many people have worked there over the years. Founded by John Gilmore who was an employee at the old fish market, John decided to start up on his own. John started the business while still working at the old market, until The Fish Plaice was doing enough to sustain itself. One member of staff, May Cairney, had worked at The Fish Plaice since its institution. She was a dab hand with a filleting knife!

The Fish Plaice has always done all its own filleting, steaking, skinning and butchery. Anyone who works there has to become familiar with the anatomy of any fish or game! The shop has had as many as 17 members of staff and currently has 12 staff working on a rotational basis. 


Glasgow's Fish Plaice moving forward

In 2013 David and Roma Scott bought over the Fish Plaice with over 30 years’ experience in the fish trade. The same principle of the freshest fish at the best possible prices. David has introduced new product lines to The Fish Plaice and expanded to Byres Road and online. 

The Fish Plaice has been a landmark in Glasgow for years; we encourage you to take advantage of our experience and our heritage in the trade. Come to The Fish Plaice and experience Glasgow banter as you’ve never heard it before! If you want to feel the pulse of Glasgow, visit The Fish Plaice.

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