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The Fish Plaice is a wholesale and retail fishmonger in the heart of Glasgow. We aim to provide the best quality products to our customers at a price that is highly competitive and fair. We aim to source produce locally whenever we can and every product that comes into us is checked for quality before it is sent to the customer. We have decades of experience as fishmongers and game dealers. Buy fresh fish & seafood online here on our website. We know when a product is of high quality and you will only receive such products from The Fish Plaice. The Fish Plaice has always done all its own filleting, staking, skinning and butchery. 


Anyone who works here has to become familiar with the anatomy of any fish or game! The Fish Plaice has been selling its produce to restaurants and the public for over 49 years. For more information on our history, please see the About Us section. For more information on our shops, please visit the Our Shop section.

*UK Delivery – excluding Northern Ireland, unfortunately we are currently unable to ship beyond mainland UK.